APIS Visits Rotary International

May 17

American Pacific International School  students went to the weekly Chiang Mai International Rotary meeting at Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant. Twelve children of American Pacific International School after hearing Chiang Mai International Rotary secretary Jerry Nelson speak about Dr Cynthia Muang’s Mae Tao clinic decided to raise money for the clinic. They raised 14,000 baht. They also presented a painting and on the painting each child drew a circle with a drawing to decorate the three panel painting. Jerry has also raised an additional 61,000 baht to that will go to MAE TAO Clinic. Making it a grand total of 75000 baht. Loren Poetz  is the social studies teacher at the school. She brought the children and Jen Liff is her assistant. Afterwards John Schorr introduced Khun Payu and Khun Wanida to make a video presentation. about the Rotary water safety project.

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