American Inspired Chef’s Dinner at 137 Pillars House

June 20

The ‘American Inspired Chef – American Local Lanna Inspired Cuisine with Chef Tam’ hosted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Bangkok and allied U.S. trade associations at 137 Pillars House. This dinner was held to launch the American Inspired Chef Project in Chiang Mai. The objective of the project is to train young culinary chefs on American food products and to encourage a socially responsible mindset where success is defined not just by their performance in the kitchen, but also by their social contributions. Through the “American Inspired Chef Project”, young Thai chefs will receive culinary training from American Inspired Chefs to help them find success in the kitchen Chudaree Debhakam AKA Chef Tam is the first winner of “Top Chef Thailand” and is known for creating local Thai menu items with a unique appearance and taste. The American Inspired Chef Dinner menu included Tomato Narn Prik with fermented beans tart, California mozzarella cheese, Chiang Mai tomatoes / Fresh pasta with local mushrooms, Ma Kwan’ spiced California pepper jack cheese sauce / Potato flake battered fried Alaskan Pollock, garlic pickled Washington apples, northern lab spiced aioli / Slow cooked 10 days aged U.S. ribeye, ‘Orm’ beef broth with bamboo served with a side of ’Nam Prik King’ U.S. mashed potatoes / Gluten free sticky rice with perilla seed cake, whipped wild honey, caramelized Washington apple.

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