Acc-Ba Career Day at Business Administration Faculty CMU

February 14

Acc-Ba Career Day and Open House at Business Administration Faculty C.M.U. for their introduction of a new program titled ‘Swiss Higher Diploma Program in Restaurant’. The course is a joint program between the Business Administration Faculty Chiang Mai University and F&B Service Training International (F.B.S.T.I.) Switzerland. The course will take 6 weeks; 18 June – 27 July from Monday to Friday at Duangtawan Hotel. The tuition fee is at 125,000 baht which includes 240 hours course work / lunch and breaks / Coordinating fee for internship.  Benefits include 3 Swiss Certificates and paid internships abroad. Program specialization; Club management, Cruise line business, Hotel industry trends, Hospitality studies and service profession, and Marketing hospitality and other related courses For further details contact K. Fha at the Business Administration Faculty CMU 053 942 156 064 195 5844 [email protected]

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