Absolute Heath 11th Anniversary Lunch

November 11

Absolute Heath 11th Anniversary Lunch at Khum KhanToke Convention Centre.
Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center It is an integrated health care center. Has been in service for 19 years with the head office located at Soi Ruamrudee, Bangkok. And later expanded to the region. Currently, there are 6 branches, including Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Korat, and the 6th branch, Absolute Health, Udon Thani. Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center, Chiang Mai Branch Opened for service in October 2012 using treatment methods.
Progressive means having to be aware of the occurrence of the disease. Detect disease quickly for treatment That’s timely. Prevent disease And when the disease occurs Patients must be treated comprehensively. by planning treatment The true cause of the disease Using integrated treatment technology Provides good treatment results without compromising quality The deterioration of life does not have any negative side effects on life. Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center Treat chronic diseases, especially those caused by old age or
The symptoms of Chel Atten, esophageal disease, esophageal disease AIDS, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, cancer, or autoimmune disease. Including diseases caused by cell abnormalities such as cancer. Give importance to 4 main strategies at the same time: treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of illness. Not causing a tingle and finding a quality of life continually Absolute Hess Group grabs innovation and develops Continuous quality of medical care providing the best care for patients throughout the period of being established for more than 19 years
Successful results of treatment create pride and fame among patients. in care increases every year Nowadays, people understand and see the importance of ‘Preventive health care Bang means paying attention to behavior. Daily lifestyle that affects happiness Pictures and prevention of getting sick in the future. Exercise. Regular health monitoring and well-being, search for integrative medicine to solve Soul Health, Chiang Mai Understand and recognize the importance of preventive health care. Including lifestyle, including choosing to eat nutritious food
pass through so As a leader in medical knowledge in the field of anti-aging medicine As well as giving importance to technology for health care. Absolut Health Chiang Mai believes that innovative health care is state-of-the-art. Convenience, in-depth knowledge of the medical team including understanding the needs of consumers It will be one of the drivers to help drive preventive health care for our brothers and sisters. How are the people of Chiang Mai and nearby areas? By guaranteeing success at the international level It received a standard accreditation award from the European Medical Association. To be an institution certified as an establishment
that provides reliable medical services and is the Best Medical Practice providing the best treatment by the European Medical Association Association Belgium Including international quality excellence awards For leadership in business ethics management and commitment to maintaining international standards from Europe Business Assembly Corporation of Social Partnership Cannes, France On the occasion of the 11th anniversary celebration, the executive team, medical team, nurses, and personnel of Absolute Health
I have to thank everyone. Those who have trusted us to be their caretakers Problems of illness and promoting your health until you are cured of illness. And thank you for the wonderful customers. Let’s go tell each other. Has helped to build a new society A society that is aware of health You don’t have to be sick until it’s too late for treatment. For the 11th anniversary celebration event held here. Give importance to holistic health care. Focus on prevention before disease occurs. Including updating knowledge on anti-aging medicine by Dr. Chatchai Sribandit, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Absolute Health Group Ready to open the 11th anniversary celebration event
At the event there were educational activities for health care. In the health discussion “Healthy & Happy Choices that meet the needs of health care” by Dr. Chatchai Sribandit, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Absolute Health Group, Dr. Wittawat Sittiwatcharapong Doctor with experience in anti-aging medicine Chiang Mai branch officer and Mr. Boonyakorn Kantha, Reader and Director of Mano Ther Medical Center (Bangkok Head Quarters, Chiang Mai) Along with a discussion activity to exchange experiences in taking care of your health, topic: *(not) secret tips for having good health without being stupid)
Organizing today’s activities has people interested in participating in the activities registering to attend. Within the event, there were activities to provide health analysis services. Pain assessment by physical therapist Ready to receive souvenirs as a thank you for being beside each other for 11 years. and watch many more entertainment activities

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