Opening of the 8th Southeast Asian Vegetarian Conference

July 4

Opening of the 8th Southeast Asian Vegetarian Conference SEAVC.
July 4 – 6 The 8th Southeast Asian Vegetarian Conference at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Conference Center; “Plant–based Food for a Better Life” – as part of Lanna Expo 2023 organized by the Thai Vegetarian Association (TVA) check out

The 8th Southeast Asia Vegetarian Conference (SEAVC) got underway yesterday at Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Center. The three day (July 04-06) Conference is being hosted by hosted by Thai Vegetarian Association with the theme of ‘Plant-based Diets for A Better Life’. Consul of India Krishna Chaitanya attended the opening ceremony and participated in the first panel discussion of the conference. He stated that the Conference theme, was in line with ‘Sustainable Food Systems’, one of the seven themes of MISSION LiFE – the India led global mass movement to create awareness towards lifestyle changes to protect & preserve the environment. Adding that while diet is a matter of individual choice and freedom, but without being judgemental, it may be noted that it has been found that Vegetarianism can promote a sustainable diet which avoids the negative impact of meat production, which contributes a significant proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is the prime factor behind biodiversity loss and deforestation – factors which are being cited as being responsible for the contagions which lead to pandemics like SARS and COVID-19. The World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity in 2017 and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had advocated in its 2019 report to move towards reducing significantly the consumption of meat. The SEAVC was held for the first time in Chiang Mai in 1999.

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