Thoms Artisan Coffee

 | Sat 29 Mar 2014 06:00 ICT

Few cities can sustain a cafe culture like Chiang Mai can! Bangkok residents are all about take-away coffees on the way to work, the South prefers fruit smoothies and lazing at the beach over a cafe and in Pattaya a few bars or clubs sell coffee. In fact, for many people coffee comes from the Miracle stall next to Tesco Lotus and is rarely a sit down event. But Chiang Mai is the exception. I estimate around 10 new cafes open every month and as far as I can see there IS demand for these new cafes. Demand comes from all the tourists who need a place to study their guidebooks, or the digital nomads that scour the cafes in an attempt to find the ideal workspace or the fastest wifi!
Even Chiang Mai residents who work in this city usually frequent the closest cafe to their office for takeaways or meetings. So instead of going to a cafe to get coffee, today I decided to get take-away. And I heard through the grapevine great place to do so…..

Parked outside of Bangkok Bank on Suthep Road Thom’s Artisan coffee has been mentioned to me a few times as a great place to grab a cup of coffee but I am rarely in such a rush that I cannot sit down in a cafe for 20 minutes. However today driving in the heat I decided an iced coffee would do me good!
Coffee – For a takeaway coffee it was strong, but being Thailand it was also quite sweet. Thom adds honey to his cups of coffee to enhance the flavour and he pays attention to crafting your drink. I plan to return to try a hot latte as I have a feeling it will be strong and smooth.
Cafe – Thom’s van is one of 3 coffee vans parked on Suthep road. His is the black dark blue and black one, always outside Bangkok bank (the bright blue bank). Around midday there is a steady stream of customers from nearby businesses and so your take-away might not be so fast. Often in the mornings there are a few customers perched on stools chatting away with Thom whilst he makes some strong coffees inside his van. If you’ve never had take-away van coffee, it’s worth to experience once – he does so much in such a small space!
Other – There is another branch of Thom’s artisan coffee in Rimping Nim city daily branch. Recently opened, air-conditioned and a more appealing place to sit for more than 5 minutes. 
Cost: 30 – 40 BahtOpen: varies usually 8:00 – 17:00Location: Outside Bangkok Bank, Suthep Road