Siam Lanna Gin

 | Sun 5 Nov 2023 23:41 ICT

Siam Lanna Gin

A premium spirit that links the heritage of Northern Thailand with the artistry of hand-crafted Italian distillation

Introducing Siam Lanna Gin, a clean, crisp, premium blend of fragrant Italian botanicals paired with the distinctive flavours of Northern Thailand. It delivers a light, refreshing taste with lively floral notes, while remaining dry, mellow, and round in the mouth. Complex and aromatic, its multiple layers unfold gently on the palate, creating a memorable tasting experience.

The Italian juniper, from Umbria, is prominent from the first sip, followed closely by the nuances of the various botanicals. The finish, meanwhile, offers a uniquely lasting hint of pine and lemongrass. Enjoy Siam Lanna Gin in a dry martini, as part of a classic G&T, or in any number of delicious gin-based cocktails.

The Story of Siam Lanna Gin

Austrian-born master distiller Nikolaus “Niki” Prachensky is the man behind Edelbrand distillery, located in Chiang Mai. In 2007, Nikolaus first began experimenting with distilling his own fruit-based spirits, using all the exotic Thai fruits he could find, and these went on to win multiple gold and silver awards at international competitions. He later began distilling award-winning gin recipes, using a German copper CARL pot still and local fragrant rice, which he combined with a variety of herbs, botanicals, and flower petals.

The idea for Siam Lanna Gin arose in 2019, when Nikolaus traveled to Italy and was inspired to blend Italian herbs with the botanicals he used in Chiang Mai. The result was a uniquely smooth and fragrant gin containing notes of zesty citrus, juniper, cardamom, cedar wood, myrtle, lemongrass, coriander, and more.

Using an artisanal process that allows for more of the botanical flavours to pass into the spirit, Siam Lanna Gin is hand-crafted in a small bespoke Frilli pot still located in the town of Trevi (in the region of Italy known as Umbria). This intricate distillation also includes adding a second basket for the more delicate botanicals, like flower petals, allowing for the extraction of oils in a vapour bath.

When the process is complete, the gin is packaged in beautifully designed bottles that bear a distinctive logo featuring Nok Hussadee, a gigantic elephant-headed bird creature from Lanna mythology who dwells in the legendary Himmapan forest. Hussadee is known for playing a set of 16 gongs known as Khawng Wong Wai, and the sounds they make are said to be the rumble of huge thunderstorms.