US Consulate Sends Security Message to Americans about Bangkok

 | Tue 26 Nov 2013 09:53 ICT

CityNews – Those subscribed to updates from the U.S. Consulate online all received a security message on 25th November, warning them of the political activity in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand. The State Department’s website also contains a travel warning about Thailand for American tourists. 

The U.S. Embassy stated that the Thai government has increased police presence in Bangkok, around government buildings and elsewhere in the city. They also said to expect more traffic delays than usual, and to plan and use different travel routes if possible.

They also warned travellers in Bangkok to exercise caution and common sense, and to note that even peaceful demonstrations can escalate into violence. They told travellers to be alert, aware, and pay attention to the current political situation in Thailand’s news reports.

Although the large gatherings, protests and demonstrations held by domestic activists in Bangkok have been calm and relatively friendly, rising political tension could change that.