Owen Wilson’s “No Escape” Banned from Thailand

 | Mon 10 Aug 2015 08:44 ICT

CityNews — UPDATE: After acquiring further information, the following article contains erroneous information, and an update has been posted here.

According to Page Six, an entertainment news publication by the New York Post, the film “No Escape” which was shot in Chiang Mai starring Owen Wilsen, will be banned from Thailand entirely.


The plot of the movie involved a family that relocated to an un-named Southeast Asian country, and ended being caught in a military coup. Producers were given permission to shoot the film in Chiang Mai as long as Thailand was not identified as the setting.

“Precautions were taken, like signs that appeared in shots being turned upside-down,” sources told Page Six.

But according to reports, after the film was reviewed by Thai officials, they decided to ban it from Thailand.