Observations from a Bangkok Blogger …

 | Mon 3 Mar 2014 15:24 ICT

“Walk across the soi, you’ll save 10 baht.” He said

Seems like a lot of trouble on a street known for the dead

Illusions are flying like bullets and hot air

Children are dying, does anybody care?

What’s it all about? Power and greed

There is no glory in doing the good deed

I hate you. But I hated you first

But I hate you more

But you are the worst

Liars call people lunatics

To try and save face

Everyone has a Plan B

To get out of this place

Burmese Fortune tellers tell a good tale

While Rohingyan refugees face rotting in jail

Is this a farce? Can this be happening now?

Don’t burst my illusions and I won’t burst yours, pal.

This blog post was first run on March 2, 2014 at my blog and may be seen at Thailand Footprint