Zombie Café Prosecuted for Stream Encrochment

 | Mon 10 Sep 2018 05:54 ICT

CityNews – Authorities inspected a café in Mae Rim charged with encroaching on a stream.

Mae Rim District Chief accompanied by Marine Department, Chiang Mai office and police inspected Zombie Café in Mae Ram, Mae Rim District, on August 7th followed up on a case which erupted in February of this year. The café in question was accused of setting tables and chairs on to and even in the stream, an illegal act as the waterways are public land and not to be used for business purposes. The café manager, Adisak Phakamarrt, 32, claimed that the café is legitimate and had not encroached the stream as the prosecutor pointed out.

However, the district chief confirmed that upon the arrest, there was evidence of the café’s chairs and tables set up on the stream with food and drinks served on the spot and waste thrown straight in the stream.

Upon inspection, Tanapat Puttinanworakoon the café owner admitted to the evidence and stated that he was not aware of the consequences, unaware that it was against the law to put tables and chairs on or by the stream. He also insisted that the café has since moved back from the stream, removing chairs and tables, and said that he had also been improving the environment. He asked for justice as the café has lost the majority of the customers since the news broke out.