Young man retrieved his trumpet after internet trumpeted the news

 | Tue 13 Aug 2019 14:45 ICT

CityNews – A viral social media post helps a young soldier find his trumpet.

Amnart Chaimoon, a 23 year old who serves in the military, lost his trumpet at a gas station’s restroom near Nong Pratheep Intersection on August 8th. The trumpet is a Bach 1970 which he bought for 50,000 baht. After checking on the CCTV record, the trumpet appeared to have beem picked up by a man. Amnart reported the case to police. After local news media picked up the story, it went viral on social media and today [August 13th] Amnart retrieved his trumpet.

The man who picked up the trumpet had already filed a report seeking the trumpet’s owner, but at a different police station than that which Amnart reported his missing item. Therefore, it was lost in the process. Amnart expresses his gratitude to the man who returned the trumpet and all the help from social media.