Young Man in SUV Crashes into Checkpoint, Killing 3 Policemen

 | Wed 30 Apr 2014 08:10 ICT

CityNews – On Sunday, 27th April, a young man drove his large SUV straight into a police checkpoint in Bangkok, running into six police officers and killing three of them.

The driver, Nawaphorn Phetkaew (25), was found to be sober, but is short-sighted and stated that he was not comfortable with driving the Mitsubishi Pajero, which belonged to his dad. Police initially thought the man was mentally ill because of the absurdity of his crime, but later found he had no record of mental health issues or struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Nawaphorn told investigators that he lost control of the car after ramming the brake while driving at a high speed. However, the police have not confirmed whether he was speeding, although Nawaphorn himself admitted that he was driving “fast”.

The three deceased are Anek Nunnoy, Songphol Phrommala and Yanyong Anant. The three wounded have been treated and have been given monetary compensation for their medical bills and pain and suffering.

The driver has been charged with property damage and carelessness causing death. He enters court today, 30th April, and will be detained in custody if his bail is denied.