Workers Alleviate Mae Ka Canal Water Flow Issues

 | Fri 17 Jul 2015 07:10 ICT

CityNews– Chiang Mai’s Vice Governor brought a team of colleagues to examine the dredging procedure of Mae Ka canal at the Mae Ka Canal Bridge on Mahidol Road- an area that previously experienced flooding and garbage blockage problems. Twenty inmates were selected to help with the dredging. This dredging effort is to prepare the canal for the prospective heavy rain this August. There are still more than ten areas along the canal that still need attention.


July 16th 2015, 10:00 am: Mr. Chana Pangpiboon, vice- governor of Chiang Mai and pertinent officials visited Mae Kah canal to examine the canal’s drudging procedures at the Mae Ka Canal Bridge, Mahidol Road, Chiang Mai sub-district. Although the water from the canal flows through this area regularly, the area is currently dry and overgrown with grass. Twenty inmates from the Chiang Mai Central Prison were brought in to help remove the grass, clean up the garbage, and dredge 100 metres of the canal. Moreover, many residents in the surrounding area also came to help dredge the canal to help decrease the potential water blockage.

Mr. Pangpiboon stated that in the past the Mae Ka canal- both the main canal and its offshoot that flow passes Chiang Mai Land and Pa Daet Municiple have repeatedly had flooding problems when there is a lot of rain. Garbage dumped into the canal, combined with the overgrowth of weeds and grasses under the bridge often creates a blockage. Since there has been very little rainfall this year, there is no water in the canal that is being dredged. Personnel are urgently dredging the canal to prepare for the expected heavy rainfall this August. Hopefully, the dredging will alleviate the flooding problems in the Chiang Mai Land area.

On 23rd of July, Pa Daet Municipality will open an education center that will teach the youth and citizens in the area about the management of the Mae Ka canal- particularly in the Pa Daet Municipality. The municipality will start dredging the canal from Mae Rim district to Pa Deat district, the provincial government has allocated over a million Baht for this initiative.