Work Stress, Heartache, Drink and Drugs Causing Growing Number of Thais to Seek Help Hotline

 | Tue 13 Aug 2013 13:05 ICT

CityNews – Stress is prevalent throughout Thailand it was recently announced by the Ministry of Public Health’s Minister Sorawong Thienthonge. He added that over 600,000 Thais now called their mental hotline number each year with complaints about work stress, love, sex and other general anxieties.

Sorawon was reported as saying in Thailand National’s National News Bureau that the Health Ministry wanted people to cope with stress sensibly, and that call centres were there to help people do this.

There are currently 14 Mental Health Centres and 18 hospitals under the supervision of the Mental Health Department which offer counseling and give guidance to anyone who needs it. He also said that more Thais are approaching the centres as the stigma about mental illness is less of a concern as it used to be. By asking for help the minister believes that Thais will not self-medicate or manage their stress in a way that may cause social problems.

By calling either 1323 or 1667  you can talk to Public Health staff and psychiatric nurses all day every day.