Woman talked down from ledge after attempted suicide

 | Thu 23 Jul 2020 21:34 ICT

Yesterday afternoon an official working in an unnamed government office on Chotana road was saved by her coworkers after threatening to kill herself.

The incident occurred at 3.30pm yesterday afternoon when a woman in her thirties was seen standing on a ledge of the second floor of the building (around 20 metres high) holding a cutter knife in one hand and bleeding from self-inflicted wounds in the other. She was hysterical and unconsolable.

While police waited below, a colleague of the woman spent half an hour talking her down with more colleagues speaking up for another half an hour until she finally relented and agreed to step back into the building.

Police say that it was a team effort, mainly by her colleagues and even her boss, who helped persuade her to step back into the building. According to her colleagues she has been suffering from some personal issues and also had some issued at work which caused her stress.