Woman Robbed Twice in a Month

 | Mon 23 Nov 2015 06:57 ICT

CityNews – On 20th November Noppawan Patre, 30 an owner of a town house in the Tha Pae Area contacted the press following her second break-in in a month. According to the police, she had her window broken and around 20,000 baht worth of goods stolen on the 1st of November.

house break in

The police were unable to find the culprit and she says that there was no follow up to her police report. Then on the 20th November she said that another 20,000 baht worth of goods were stolen from her tour company tenant who lived in the same house. Her window was broken in the same way as before and she thinks that it must be the same thief.

A CCTV camera shows the thief arriving on a big bike and parking for around 25 minutes before driving away. However the helmet was on at all times and the police were unable to identify the bike or the culprit.

Noppawan begs the media to help her spread the image from her CCTV as she does not belive the police will be able to prevent a third robbery from happening. She believes that the thief is one and the same, due to the entry point and method, and that he had spent much time scoping out her residence to find the optimal time to break-in.