Woman fears stray cat’s fate, offers 10,000 baht reward

 | Fri 8 Oct 2021 16:26 ICT

A clip is doing the rounds in Chiang Mai after a woman who owns a resort posted that she had advertised a cat needing a home and now suspects it of having been taken in for sale.

According to the 32 year old owner of Mantra Resort, a man responded to her announcement and said he would take the cat in.

She said that she felt that something was wrong and after some sleuthing on social media has now found out that he was intending to sell the cat. She has now put up a 10,000 baht prize money for the return of the cat, which was found wandering around the neighbourhood.

The resort owner said that she wishes to warn the public, especially cat lovers, to be very careful when handing over kittens to people who may pretend to want one.

“I have been crying every day now because I handed this cat over to someone who is a cat seller and now I can’t get it back.”

According to the resort owner, after the man took the cat away she messaged him one day later to enquire as to its wellbeing. When the man told her that he had lost the cat already, and began to avoid her questions, she became suspicious.

She says that she blames herself for not checking properly and is terrified as to the fate of the cat. She told CityNews that she has found evidence of this man all over social media buying and selling cats and is afraid that instead of finding the cat a good home, its fate is now unknown. She went on to say that there are some traders who purchase cats to feed snakes and that is why she has put up the 10,000 baht prize.