Woman describes terrifying road rage incident

 | Mon 18 May 2020 16:42 ICT

A woman who goes by the name Napuschol Choowattanakul on Facebook posted of an incident which happened to her last week which has gone viral.

Napuschol said that she was driving in town on the 15th May when a white car honked its horn at her began to tailgate her. It eventually cut her off and parked in front of her and a man in his forties got out of the vehicle to shout at her, trying to instigate a fight. Being a woman travelling alone, she said, she drove off to avoid him. But then she said that he got back into the vehicle and began chasing her again. She finally became so frightened she called the police and finally drove into the Chang Puak police station in fear of her life. That was when she lost him. ​
She begged police, on her post, to find the man in question as she said that his behaviour was aggressive and threatening. ​
It was later revealed that Napuschol is 39 years old and was driving along the Superhighway on the outside lane when she saw a car emerging from a soi. She slowed down to allow it access, and that was what she thinks sparked the anger of the car behind her, who began to honk at her, tailgate her, cut her off nearly causing her to crash into his behind, then get out of the car to bang on her window shouting obscenities. She said that the incident continued as she then headed towards the police station with the man driving right up her tailgate, then overtaking and breaking, at times pulling ahead and waiting for her to catch up before cutting her off again. ​
She said that this incident stressed her out and scared her so much she was almost senseless with fear. ​
She told police that she didn’t want to press charges if the man came forward to explain what happened. If she had done anything wrong she is willing to take all responsibilities and apologise, but she said she just couldn’t figure out what she was supposed to have done wrong.