Woman complained her mother didn’t receive care

 | Mon 1 Nov 2021 15:43 ICT

A video clip has gone viral after a woman posted that she took her mother to hospital in Chiang Dao and was scolded by a doctor, leading to the incident on video.

According to a woman whose Facebook profile is named pakute pakute, her 59 year old mother suffered from severe stomach upset and fever on the night of the 30th October. The family became increasingly concerned and decided to take the one hour drive from their village to Chiang Dao Hospital, arriving at 1am.

On arrival she took a number and waited. But after a lengthy amount of time she asked when her mother would receive care.

As per the clip, a doctor then told her that her mother needed to go home and that the hospital was busy. The woman said that the doctor refused to examine her mother and sent them “No one wants to come to the hospital for a frivolous reason,” said the woman on her post. “It was the middle of the night and took us over an hour to get here. If this is how doctors treat people then they shouldn’t be doctors. There was no need to shout and be insulting. We may be mountain people but we have hearts too.”

The director of the hospital. Who was on duty at the Chiang Mai Field Hospital at the time said that they will look into the incident.

The public health office has also pledged to look into the matter.