Woman caught stealing 25k of baby formula

 | Tue 2 Jun 2020 13:58 ICT

Police tracked a 49 year old woman to her home in San Phee Sua this morning, where they found her in possession of 51 boxes of 500 baht baby formulas with a total value of 25,500 bah.

Upon arrest, the woman who was not named by police, admitted that she had been stealing the formula from various shops in town. Police were alerted to the theft when one shop caught her putting baby formula in her handbag on CCTV, enabling police to track her as she drove away in her car.

Upon arrest for theft, the woman told police that she wasn’t stealing the formula for profit, but because she has three young nieces and nephews aged from seven months to three years old to care for and she has no income and couldn’t afford to feed them.

However, police say that the woman has a police record for a similar theft and they will be investigating her further before pressing charges.