Woman attempted suicide being criticised for trying to get attention

CityNews – A woman talked down from an attempted suicide has been criticised for her several attempts at killing herself.

On August 13th, police and a rescue team responded to a report on a suicide attempt near a school in the city of Lamphun. The woman who is a reportedly in her late 20s was standing on the footbridge. After an hour, the rescue team managed to talk her down.

Her motive was unclear. She stated that she was originally from Roi Et province and arrived at Lamphun with no purpose. She was feeling depressed and that led to the incident.

Police revealed a record of her multiple attempts at suicide. Prior to this report, she also tried committing suicide when she was at Talay Thai Market in Samut Sakhon Province. The revelation lead to criticism from many media outlets and on social media claiming that this is her trying to get public attention.