Woman apologises to public for breast-sucking video

 | Mon 6 Sep 2021 14:15 ICT

A video clip of a net idol having her breasts suckled by a man in a car has gone viral, eliciting outrage.

Earlier today a 35 year old woman and her 35 year old boyfriend gave themselves up to Chiang Mai police after a video of the woman went viral.

According to Mae Rim police, the woman and her boyfriend had been chatting to one of her fans online when he mentioned that he was in Chiang Mai and called her up on a promise to allow him to suckle her breasts should he be in the province.

On August 19th, the pair agreed to allow the man to claim his promise, meeting by the side of a road for a quick suckle and filming.

Once the video went viral, outrage ensued and the pair from Fang gave themselves up to police earlier this morning, now charged with potential computer crimes act and dissemination of pornography, with the possibility of facing up to five years in prison and/or a 100,000 baht fine.

The woman admitted that it was her in the clip and her boyfriend admitted to filming it.

However, they denied rumours on social media that this was a financial transaction and that she had charged the man 50 baht for the pleasure.

Pol. Col. Piyapan Patrapongsitthi said to CityNews, “I have talked to the couple and told them that this infamous clip is inappropriate and has eroded the image of Chiang Mai.”

The woman in the clip has gone on record with the police apologising to the public, admitting that she was in the wrong, saying that she was very sorry and ready to take her punishment while also promising not to do anything similar again.

Police say that the two will be prosecuted.