White House restaurant offering 10 baht food boxes

 | Thu 5 Aug 2021 15:19 ICT

White House Restaurant in Wat Gate has, like thousands of other businesses, been hard hit by the pandemic.

They are now offering ten baht food boxes, sold in front of their venue, with the aim of helping support people struggling to survive.

Each day they will make 60 lunch boxes, and sell for only ten baht each, said the 52 year old owner.

Patpong Siriboonyawet, White House’s owner, said that he had joined a campaign with many other restaurant operators to give free food to those in need with a donation box attached. He noticed that the average donation for a food box was five or ten baht. He therefore decided that since he too was struggling, a ten baht charge for the boxes would enable people to receive food for an affordable price, and for him to help out more people for a longer time.

He said that one group which he is now supporting with these boxes are musicians and restaurant staff who simply have no work.

He said that the reason he put a ten baht fee to each box was to deter professionals who go around taking donate goods only to sell them on.

He plans to set up his table of food boxes between 4pm and 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

He also said that he would like to set up a small stage for musicians to come and perform in the evenings, and while he won’t be able to afford to pay them, perhaps musicians could use the stage to promote themselves or any products they may have to sell.