Weighing scales at Warorot Market found to be in order

 | Tue 16 Jun 2020 15:27 ICT

A post went viral earlier this week from a man claiming that scales at Warorot Market need to be checked as he bought one kg of langsat and only received 800g when he weighed it at another vendor.

Following the news, the municipality’s Tesakij division, which oversees such complaints from the public went to the market to do spot-check inspections.

The visit today, around lunch time, saw the deputy mayor himself lead a team to the market. The team went to two langsat vendors who appeared to be the ones named by the man in the video clip, but found that their scales were perfectly normal. Following a conversation with the vendors, the deputy mayor said that he was reassured by their honesty.

The inspection checked many other vendors’ scales across the market, and all were found to be in order. The deputy mayor said to CityNews that he suspects it was an honest mistake, either made by reading the scales wrong, rushing to make a sale or some other reason.

The municipality gives out permission for vending spaces at Warorot Market, the Night Bazaar and the Sunday Walking street, collecting 500 baht per year from each vendor. There are also strict guidelines all vendors must follow which protects them as well as the consumer, said the deputy mayor who went on to say that spot checks are frequent and the norm.