We may have got off lightly(ish) this smokey season

 | Fri 18 Mar 2022 14:43 ICT

In spite of sporadic rain over the past couple of days in some areas of Chiang Mai, the pollution levels are, once again, on the rise.

According to the Thailand’s Climate Change Data Centre, all 30 stations across Chiang Mai are now reporting unhealthy levels of pollution.

The centre has announced that it urges citizens to refrain from exercising outdoors and to wear a PM2.5 mask when outdoors at all times.4

The Meteorological Department has also announced that La Nina, which will last until May of this year, should alleviate some of the pollution levels and there is a chance of rain in April, which should also wash away some of the pollution. Overall, this year’s pollution is projected to be lower than previous years.