Water tunnel linking Mae Ngad and Mae Kuang dams are at 40% completion.

 | Fri 25 Oct 2019 14:32 ICT

Water tunnel linking Mae Ngad and Mae Kuang dams are at 40% completion

CityNews – 23rd October 2019, in front of the water tunnel gate at Mae Taman, Kued Chang Subdistrict in Mae Taeng District, Jittapol Rodploy, Director of Large-scale Irrigation Works Office 1, pushed the button for explosives, declaring the commencement of tunnel drilling by Right Tunnelling Co. Ltd., as part of the first steps in the mega project which aims to increase water supply to Mae Kuang Dam. 

The director said that large amounts of water will soon be channeled to support areas with less water. Another tunnel from Mae Ngad Dam to Mae Kuang Dam is also being built to increase water levels in the latter dam. The overall work has now reached about 40% of completion. The director also mentioned that the origin of building Mae Ngad and Mae Kuang dams was from the initiation of His Majesty the King Rama 9th for the benefit of Chiang Mai and Lamphun residents. Adding that this project aims to enhance the effectiveness of that vision. 

The major obstacles faced so far have been mostly engineering and geographical / topographical related matters, and relevant experts in sub-contracted teams are monitoring developments closely.