Watchdog Thailand on a mission re. Pi Tia’s death

 | Fri 22 May 2020 15:23 ICT

Decha Kittiwittayanant, consultant lawyer for Watchdog Thailand, a foundation which appears to have taken on the cause celebre of Pi Tia’s recent death, has visited Phuping Police Station to discuss preparations for filing a charge against “Pi Tia’s murderer”.

According to Watchdog Thailand, Pi Tia was deliberately stolen out of the university campus to murder, his body then discarded by the side of the road and hidden under leaves.

Police corporal Prinya Panyabutre has already confessed to taking Pi Tia off campus, allegedly for a bit of fun something many people have done over the years. He has insisted, however, that Pi Tia’s death was an accident caused by him falling off his motorbike and being run over.

However, Watchdog Thailand cites the autopsy report of Pi Tia which says there are four small holes, each under half a centemetre in depth on Pi Tia’s body. That and the fact that a witness allegedly heard four sounds of gunshots that night, has led Watchdog Thailand to believe that Pi Tia was executed. However, the autopsy results never mentioned anything about bullet holes, instead saying that Pi Tia had died from severe injury, consistent with being run over.

The charge, says Decha, is going to be theft by more than two persons which could actually carry a jail sentence of 6-10 years. The two persons cited is based on the fact that one CCTV footage caught a man wearing what appears to be a different t-shirt leaving the university about the same time as Prinya. It is easy to file charges of theft, said the lawyer, as Pi Tia is registered with the department of computer science which can claim ownership of the dog.

Watchdog Thailand says that it has many pieces of evidence to offer, including message chats which Prinya sent to Pi Tia’s Facebook admin after the dog went missing, asking about him and offering to help look for him. He says that while evidence is circumstantial, he will hand it all over to the police in hopes that they can make a strong case.