Wat Umong Fish Pond Evacuated as Fish Begin to Die

 | Mon 16 May 2016 08:28 ICT

CityNews – Officials hired eight trucks to transport a large number of fish from Wat Umong, after the pond water levels became dangerously low because of the current drought.

fish pond wat umong

On May 15, the Chief of Chiang Mai, Saranyu Meetongkam, and a team of people have helped move the fish from the drying up pond to a 30 metre deep pond in Sanpatong.

Eight trucks were hired to help transport the fish.

Due to the drought, the pond in the temple has almost completely dried up, leaving very little water for the large fish to live in, which has become dangerously deoxygenated.

The new location for the fish is a temporary solution, but officials worry that as the pond is so deep, it will be hard to catch the fish and return them to the temple when the water is replenished.