Wat Phra That Lottery Vendors Accused of Aggressive Sales Tactics, Overcharging

 | Tue 13 Mar 2018 08:27 ICT

CityNews – Locals have complained to police that lottery vendors at Wat Phra That Doi Kham are over charging and aggressive, using hard sale tactics and intimidating those who don’t buy their tickets.

Police have received complaints by civilians that lottery vendors have been using hard sell tactics to push lottery tickets. One complaint was made by a person visiting with his family who claimed he was harassed by vendors to buy a set of tickets worth 550 baht. After he refused, he entered the temple to make merit and when he returned he found his car had been scratched with a key.

Police have yet to open an investigation.

Reporters visited the temple on March 12 to investigate the issue after the complaint was made aware to the local press. After being beckoned to the parking lot by the vendors, they were asked to buy lottery tickets valued at 110 baht, 30 baht higher than the legal maximum price of 80 baht. The tickets were mostly sold in sets valued at 550 and 1,300 baht.

The lottery vendors told reporters that they charged more because the temple charged them 750 baht to use the car park, so they had to earn the extra money to cover that cost. CityNews asked the vendors whether they were afraid police would arrest or fine them for overcharging, where they claimed that they were exempt from inspection due to the popularity of the temple.

They also said that anyone claiming they damaged their cars can issue a complaint and observe the CCTV at the car park.