Wat Lok Moli offers a short term vocational training courses which can be applied for until July 12th, 2020

 | Fri 10 Jul 2020 13:13 ICT

Phra Kru Paiboon Jesiyanurak, Dr. President of Wat Lok Moli, Muang, Chiang Mai said that the temple gave cooked food away to locals and expats who have suffered from the impact of Covid-19 from March 25 to June 15, 2020, 83 days which is considered the longest period for an almshouse. After that, the temple set up a community pantry with instant noodles, eggs, milk, fruit, and water. Anyone in need is welcome to pick up the food. To help unemployed people, Dr. Phra Kru Paiboon Jesiyanurak, decided to organize vocational training that prepares people to have a basic skill or to deal with employment. Wat Lok Moli is now offering 4 courses: traditional massage, cooking, baking, and barbering. The courses take 3 – 5 days and are supported by Mr. Surat Palanan, the director of Chiang Mai Provincial Skill Development Center.

The free courses are open to all interested people aged 20 – 45 years, and they are accepting applications until July 12, 2020. Wat Lok Moli will provide accommodation during vocational training courses.