Viral Video of Foreign Man Hanging off Tuk Tuk Investigated

 | Thu 17 Sep 2015 04:17 ICT

CityNews – A video clip of a foreign man hanging off the side of a tuk tuk while it was driving in Chiang Mai has gone viral, and is now under police investigation.

tuk tuk hang

The 1 minute video shows a foreign man hanging off a tuk tuk while it attempted to drive along, before stopping. The person recording the video stopped and helped resolve the situation.

On September 16, police summoned the tuk tuk driver to discuss the events that unfolded.

35-year-old Akaranan Malawichai from Nan province told police that he was driving around the Night Bazaar area around 4am and picked up the foreigner who asked to be taken to a massage parlour.

According to tuk tuk driver’s story, on the way a motorcycle cut across the front of the tuk tuk, causing Akaranan to swerve to avoid an accident. As a result, the foreign man fell out of the tuk tuk.

Despite stopping and apologising, the foreign man allegedly refused to accept the situation and demanded he be taken to a police station where he could report the driver and receive compensation.

To avoid a larger problem, the driver took the foreign man to the massage parlour for free.

When Akaranan began to drive away, the foreign man ran after the tuk tuk and jumped on the side, shouting and demanding compensation.

This is when a passer-by began recording the video.

Police are still in search of the foreign man, who they wish to interview to understand both sides of the story and uphold justice for both parties.