Villagers raising funds to help two of their own

 | Tue 7 Jan 2020 18:18 ICT

CityNews – A 67 year old grandmother who is suffering from pneumonia (unrelated to the other story published today in CityNews about the Wuhan pneumonia) and who is also living in extreme poverty has received help from her neighbours.

On the 6th January 2020, the Kusol Songkroh Chiang Mai Rescue were informed of an elderly lady who lives with her disabled daughter who was in great need of help. Her daughter is unable to help herself and the two live under the poverty line in Mae Rim. Officials visited the couple and brought necessities such as adult diapers, rice, dried food goods as well as some money to help the pair survive.

Auntie Janfong Singhkhao had long been caring for her daughter, but now that her health is itself failing, she is struggling to care for them both. Local villagers in the area had therefore been helping to build a small house for the pair, as they are barely surviving off the government old age pension and the handicapped allowance.

The head of the village has recently sent out a plea to the public to help donate towards the completion of the house by calling 094 758-2666 and making donations.