Villagers in Bo Hin, Sansai, protest against road closure

 | Fri 24 Jan 2020 13:09 ICT

CityNews – 24th January 2020, Villagers of Bo-Hin Moo 3, Tambon San Pa Pao, Sansai District, Chiang Mai, came together in front of the office of village the fund of Bo-Hin to gather their signatures on paper to oppose an entrepreneur who has allegedly bought a piece of land and has brought labour and machinery to construct a housing project, causing the closure of the road that villagers use in their daily lives.

Suthep Kidkarn-ngan, villagers’ head, said that the villagers had to protest because this road has been in use for 30 years and is important since it connects residential areas with the multi-purpose pavilion of the office of village fund, and exercising place, both of which are frequently used by the villagers.

The entrepreneur also reported to the Sansai police, however his announcement was that anyone who obstructed his project would be prosecuted.

Villagers head are currently gathering villagers’ signatures to submit to the court to request for termination of construction.  Latest update was that chief of Tambol San Pa Pao municipality has ordered the temporary halt to the construction in order to check all relevant facts.