Vehicle of rescue worker bursts into flames

 | Tue 4 Feb 2020 12:08 ICT

CityNews – 3rd February 2020, deputy inspector of Saraphee police station received a report that a car was on fire on the Chiang Mai – Lampang Road near the front of Chongfah Sinseung Wanish Bamrung School.  Officers rushed to the scene to find a blue sedan car on fire and fire-fighters working hard to put the fire out.  It took 20 minutes before the fire could be extinguished.

Initial investigation revealed that the owner of the car was Jeerasak Panyakam, a volunteer at the Mae Faek rescue team, and lived in Saraphee. He said that while driving into Chiang Mai, there was a battery alarm signal on the dashboard which flashed and later a fire broke out in the engine under the bonnet.  He stopped the car and got out, staying away as the fire got larger, and called for help.  He tried to extinguish the fire, but said that it burnt too fast and hard.

The cause of the fire is being looked into. No one was injured.