Vandals who carved love declarations on Doi Inthanon found

 | Wed 9 Dec 2020 17:29 ICT

Following a 13 second video clip posted online featuring a pair of lovers carving their names into a rock face on the way up Doi Inthanon, which went viral, the pair have now come forward to police.

According to the 25 year old man from Mae Chaem, the pair had been visiting Pan Kew Lom for the day when they were returning home and heading down the mountain. Caught in the romance the man stopped his motorbike and used a stone to carve his love declaration onto the rock face while the girlfriend initially filmed him, then joined in the carving.

The pair thought nothing of it, and it was only a few days later when they saw the news that they realised they were in trouble, he explained to the police. He said that they didn’t know any better and didn’t realise that it was an offence. After discussing the matter they thought it best to come forward to police.

Police say that the Chom Thong police are processing the case.