Update: Owen Wilson’s ‘No Escape’ Not Banned in Thailand

 | Tue 11 Aug 2015 04:24 ICT

CityNews — After an article published August 10th¬†stating that Owen Wilson’s new movie “No Escape” was banned in Thailand, further released information in fact contradicts the article, stating that the movie was approved for audiences and will be screened in Thai theatres starting sometime in early September.


An official from the National Film and Video Censors Board¬†who asked to remain anonymous informed staff of Khaosod English that previous reports were false. “It is not banned or prevented from being screened in Thailand,” they said. “It’s just a normal action film.”

The movie, which was shot in Chiang Mai, was approved by Thai officials as long as Chiang Mai and Thailand were not identified. Producers complied, and shot the film while disguising signs and other scenery that would make the real life setting explicit. Originally named “The Coup” the movie was eventually changed in title to “No Escape” after the military coup took place in Thailand in 2014.

Currently the movie is approved for audiences 15 and up.