Unusually Hot Ground Measures 77 Degrees Celsius, Baffles Officials

 | Fri 4 Sep 2015 04:57 ICT

CityNews – An unusually hot area of ground has been sectioned off in the Chiang Mai College of Dramatic Arts, with ground temperatures reaching 77 degrees Celsius. The cause of which is yet unsolved.

hot ground

On September 2, the college discovered one of their rooms to be unusually hot. They measured the ground temperature at 73 degrees Celsius, and immediately sectioned off the area.

After examination, the area of hot ground was around a 1 metre radius overlapping a wall.

No leakage was found after officials dug into the ground to try and find the cause. Nattapat Apiwong-ngam, assistant manager of the Chiang Mai Provincial Electricity Authority, led the search.

After digging 1 metre deep, officials discovered that the ground water was 73 degrees Celsius and the ground temperature was 77 degrees Celsius.

Until authorities have determined the cause of this heat, the power to the area has been disconnected.

After heavy rain last night, Dr Kasama Prasongjaroen, director of Chiang Mai College of Dramatic Arts, reported smelling the smell of boiling water and invited officials to measure the temperature again. The ground had been cooled by the rain to 55 degrees Celsius.

Officials are still unclear as to what has caused the abnormal ground temperatures and are evaluating the ground for more clues.