Unsightly Pavilion at Chedi Luang Upsets Locals

 | Wed 25 Apr 2018 08:38 ICT

CityNews – Wat Chedi Luang is being criticised for building a pavilion that overshadows the sacred city pillar.

Today, April 25th, the assistant abbot of Wat Chedi Luang made a statement following complaints about a recently built pavilion that has been criticised for overshadowing the sacred city pillar and other heritage buildings, including the old pagoda and the sermon hall. He explained that the construction was approved by the clergy on the 21st of March. The pavilion was built to support visitors during the City Pillar Festival which is held annually around May, when there will be a big merit making ceremony. As women are not allowed to enter the city pillar building, the temple usually sets up a temporary pavilion to assist female participants.

The assistant abbot stated that the building is semi-permanent and is already half way through the construction.