Unofficial Hazing Ceremony Sparks Outrage After Students Deceived and Injured

 | Thu 23 Apr 2015 07:57 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai University’s Vice President for Student Development has released a statement after images showing the bruised knees of a student that attended an unofficial hazing ceremony went viral.


Associate Professor Thanaruk Suwanprapisa said in a statement to the press that the students applying to study in Chiang Mai University were invited by a group of senior students to attend a ‘volunteer camp’ in Nan province during Songkran.

Activities advertised included building a weir and painting a school. However, when the young students arrived, they were subjected to rough hazing.

Alleged hazing activities included having their phones confiscated, removal of nail polish, and anyone with dyed hair were forced to dye their hair natural black.

The hazing was also physically punishing, forcing the young students to stand in the hot sun from midday to 10pm, having to run laps, star jump over 100 times and to climb across a sharp rocky slope.

Image shared on Pantip
Image shared on Pantip

According to stories shared on social media, if anyone was to faint or refuse to partake in the senior student’s demands, they were allowed to rest for a short while before being forced to get up and partake again. Some students had their faces pushed into the ground as punishment.

According to Associate Professor Thanaruk, the students who attended the trip were not yet CMU students, but had only passed the interview exam. They still have to register between July 20 – 22 if they have been accepted and still wish to enroll. The new semester will begin on August 10.

The university has taken no responsibility for the hazing as it was arranged without their knowledge by a group of senior students.
However, the university has promised to investigate the matter and to strongly punish the senior students involved. A board of university officials has been set up exclusively to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Dr Thanarak also told parents of new applicants to screen events before they attend, especially events that are not organised through official channels.

To avoid such violent hazing ceremonies happening again, Chiang Mai University has issued warnings to each faculty, promising harsh punishments for anyone involved.