Unfinished Road in Pa Dad Causing Accidents and Deaths

 | Thu 27 Aug 2015 09:42 ICT

CityNews – Residents in the Pa Dad sub-district have called on authorities to take action after the Provincial Waterworks Authority dug up a road along the Ping River to set up around 5 kilometres of water pipe. After the project was completed, portions of the road where the asphalt was removed were not recovered with concrete or asphalt, only gravel, and have since caused several accidents.

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Residents also reported that when it rains, the road subsides, in some areas up to half a metre.

According to a local resident, Kesorn Sriwisuttitam, 59, no warning sign has been installed along the road, causing accidents to motorcyclists who are unaware of the broken road, especially on rainy nights. She added that two deaths have been reported from the accidents on the problematic road.
According to Wiwitchai Sriwichaisat, director of Pa Dad Municipality’s Division of Public Works, the municipality already submitted documents to the Provincial Waterworks Authority to ask for repairs. The Provincial Waterworks Authority has begun to operate on the matter, and is repairing the road, which is expected to be complete in a month.