Uber Driver Blocked by Mob of Angry Songtaew Drivers

 | Tue 30 May 2017 06:17 ICT

CityNews – A Uber driver was blocked from driving away with a passenger as Songtaew drivers surrounded the car, shouting insults and accusing Uber of being Mafia.

On May 28, a video taken by a Songtaew driver was uploaded on social media, clearly showing a gang of Songtaew drivers surrounding a car who they claim was an Uber driver. The angered drivers can be seen banging on the bonnet, shouting abuse and even accusing the company of being Mafia. The foreign passenger can be seen standing by the back door of the car, unsure on what to do as the gang of angry Songtaew drivers increases.

The incident occured at the Arcade Bus Station, Chiang Mai.

Following the incident, police have called in the Uber driver, Chaiwut Chawalit, and have fined him for using a private car as a commercial public transport vehicle. The police are also investigating the improper behaviour of the Songtaew drivers.