Two years and nearly half a million baht fine for arsonist

CityNews – 16th April 2020, Chiang Mai provincial court has given a two year sentence to Laowoo Saechau, the man accused of setting fire to a forest in Chiang Dao earlier this month.

Pa Daeng National Park in Chiang Dao saw raging fires on April 8th which was eventually contained by fire fighters.

Laowoo had admitted to starting the fire with a lighter to get rid of corn husks, but said that the fire got out of control. The fire crept up a steep mountain side and destroyed about 10 rai of forest.

The court handed down a sentence of four years, but following his confession, his sentence was reduced to two years and he has to repay the government 439,668 baht for damages.

The judge said that because his actions were of great harm to the environment, he saw no reason to delay the sentencing.