Two More Yang Trees Dying on Old Lamphun Road

 | Wed 20 Feb 2019 16:46 ICT

Two More Yang Trees Dying on Old Lamphun Road

CityNews – 20th February 2019, Reports have come in that two yang trees on the old Chiang Mai Lamphun Road near Nong Sai Intersection, dating over a century have been cut down to their stumps. Social media is abuzz as people are trying to find out how this happened.

Today at 10am Dr. Tree, Somchai Benjachaya, a well-known tree surgeon and lecturer at Maejo University announced that tree number 656 began to shed its leaves last year, leading to its drastic cut recently. As to tree number 671, he said that the bark of that tree had been damaged. Both trees were damaged due to their proximity to the road.

He said that both trees were in fact under treatment and minerals and water is being drip fed into them with hopes that in the next two months they may regenerate. He is in talks with authorities to find ways for the tree to have more space for their trunks and roots, without road damage.

There used to be 2000 trees along this road, and now there are fewer than 900.