Two Female Burmese Beggars Arrested for Human Trafficking

 | Fri 5 Jul 2013 14:19 ICT

CityNews – On 3rd July, Chiang Mai City Police with officers from Chiang Mai Shelter for Children and Families, arrested two Burmese women, Maetu (40), and Wuimah (33), charged with human trafficking.

The Night Bazaar

Prior to the arrest, police received a report from Chiang Mai Shelter for Children and Families that two Burmese women had been taking children to the Night Bazaar in order to beg. Police found Maetu carrying an infant called Seejoaw (2), begging for money on the pavement near Pantip Plaza. Nearby Wuimah was found holding a baby, Netului (10 months), sitting on the pavement and begging.

Wuimah told police that the children were hers. She said that before she came to Thailand Maetu had been to her village and explained how her children could be rented for begging purposes in Thailand. She said she had been promised 500,000 kyat but had not received the money.