Two drunk students proposition women and attack friends

 | Mon 31 Aug 2020 15:04 ICT

A 23 year old woman posted on her Facebook page ‘Nick Comeback’ about an incident which occurred Saturday night in Maejo.

According to the woman, she was riding her motorbike home from a pub at 2am with a female friend when two young men on a motorbike rode up and began to make indecent comments to the women, offering them 200 baht for sexual favours. The woman said that she was terrified and told them to go away while driving faster. However, the men kept following her, throwing ice at her bike. Thankfully a male friend was driving behind her and attempted to help her by waving the men over. She then said that the two men had words with her friends then attacked him before driving away. She said that her friends and her kept driving ahead, but the perpetrators had made a u-turn, stopped their motorbikes further down the road, and ambushed them, attacking her male friend one more time. They then drove their motorbikes into her male friend, injuring him, before fleeing.

The woman and her friends immediately went to Maejo police station to report the incident and hand over a photograph of one of the perpetrator’s licence plates.

Police say that they have now found the perpetrators, two Thai youths studying in first year at a local college, and will be calling them into the station.

The victim has now said that she won’t be pressing charges as the two men were young and had a future ahead of them, but she is still concerned about their behaviour and asks that they do not do this again.

The male victim has come out to say that he was thankful that he had driven past at the same time as the women were being victims, as he didn’t know what the men would have done had he not stepped in. He said that he tried to tell the men that they were drunk and that they should go home, but they kept attacking him, even doing a u-turn ahead so that they could repeat their attack after the first one.

He said that while he does understand that the men were youths, their behaviour is unacceptable, so he is unsure whether or not he will press charges.