Two beloved family dogs stolen

 | Fri 8 Oct 2021 16:13 ICT

Two dogs – a Pomeranian named Sunny and a Shitzu named Nutella – were stolen from a home in Saraphi on the 4th October, according to pleas from the family of three who lost the dogs.

According to the family, the dogs were playing in front of the family shop as usual in the evening when the mother and six year old daughter who usually cared for the dogs had stepped out to the market. The father remained in the shop and after a while became concerned that he could no longer see the dogs. When he asked around, a neighbour said that they had seen someone on a motorcycle taking the dogs away.

The family inspected CCTV footage belonging to a neighbour and saw a man and a woman grabbing the two dogs and driving away with them.

The family is pleading with whoever took their family pets to return them as they said that they were part of their family and deeply loved, going on to say that their daughter has been crying every day and is struggling to eat or sleep.

“If our pets are returned unharmed we won’t press charges, we just want our family back,” said a tearful mother.

The family went on to tell CityNews that they will not give up, having tracked – via CCTV footage – the couple to a village not far across the river. They are scouring the neighbourhood and asking for local community leaders for assistance.

Police say that they now have the license plate of the motorbike and will assist the family in returning their family pets.