Two Arrested Migrants: ‘At Least in Jail there’s Food’

 | Mon 20 Aug 2018 09:30 ICT

CityNews – Two illegal immigrants who have been arrested said, ‘at least in jail there is food to eat.’

On August 20th near Kaeng Pantao, the border police spotted two men walking down the Chotana-Fang road. According to the report Teng, 31, and Normuang, 32, were suspicious looking. Both of them were identified as Tai Yai refugees, admitting that they illegally entered the border in Muang Na, Chiang Dao District and were heading to the city for job. One of them stated they heard from friends that it was worth risking arrest because they would get food to eat and soon they would be let out, after which there is still a chance to find a job.

On that same day, police arrested another suspect, Chakkrit Incham, 37, at Kaeng Pantao border who has been charged for embezzlement.