Turn your green waste into money

 | Thu 25 Mar 2021 12:16 ICT

Somkid Panyadee, Director of the Office of Natural Resources and Environment Chiang Mai, has said that the command centre for the prevention of and solution for PM 2.5 particles is continuing its work this year, with a focus on management of burning and fire prevention. It is now ready to launch a new initiative to invite citizens to exchange green waste – dead leaves and branches – for money.  

This project has been successfully launched in 34 villages across Chiang Mai, with any green waste – from forests or farms – being accepted. Anyone with any green waste to dispose of can call 053-112808 to find out where the nearest weighing and exchange station is.

Paying 2 baht per kg of green waste, the centre has, over the past week, collected enough to compress into 16.69 tonnes of bricks. There is currently a demand for 50 tonnes by various companies and authorities urge the public to collect and bring their waste to exchange for money as well as for the environment.  

Green waste can come in sacks, boxes, compressed or simply loose on the back of a pickup truck, said Somkid. Chiang Mai’s two green waste compressors are currently doing the rounds between the 34 villages.