Tuk Tuk ‘Hero’ Get’s Award from TAT and Samlor Cooperative

 | Mon 7 Sep 2015 07:24 ICT

CityNews –The brave Tuk Tuk driver who chased down a bag snatcher on a motorbike last week September 5, has been awarded a certificate and an undisclosed amount of money from the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Chiang Mai Lanna Samlor Cooperative.

tuk tuk awarded

50-year-old Witun Wattanakitworakul was presented with a certificate at the office of the Chiang Mai Lanna Samlor Cooperative which supports and honours his goodness to the public and tourists of Chiang Mai.

Witun told the press that if anyone sees a tourist being treated badly, we should all give them a hand to help uphold the good image of Chiang Mai.

According to police, the thief who escaped the Tuk Tuk driver after throwing the bag on the ground has now been arrested. He has been identified as Thanawat and he has admitted to his crime.